Elisa Exchange

Elisa Exchange's visual identity was carefully designed to reflect their commitment to trust, reliability, and seamless currency transactions. From the logo to the various touchpoints, Elisa Exchange's visual identity captures the essence of their brand and positions them as a trusted and reliable currency exchange service.


Sadad, a prominent online payment gateway in Iran, has undergone a redesigned visual identity that revolves around the concept of a moving line with the speed of light. The combination of blue lines representing trust and an orange line symbolizing speed and warmth communicates Sadad's commitment to fast and secure transactions.

Dubai VFW 2023

Vie Fashion Week (VFW) in Dubai is an exceptional gathering that has established itself as a prominent platform for fashion designers, brands, and industry professionals. VFW's visual identity reflects the dynamic fashion landscape in Dubai and solidifies its position as a premier global fashion event.


DHS offers a seamless and secure platform for users to exchange Dirham and Tether. With competitive exchange rates and low transaction fees, DHS provides an efficient solution for individuals and businesses alike. The user-friendly interface and quick verification process make it easy for customers to start exchanging currency in no time.

Paradigm Office

Paradigm Office is a Washington, D.C.-based architecture studio providing thoughtfully designed environments to their clients. The visual identity holds a modern and minimalistic look, with neutral colors and peaceful forms to maintain and keep the focus on images.

Laxmi Watch

Laxmi is a Japanese company that creates high-end, unique watches for both men and women. With a Hindu aesthetic, the Lakshmi goddess and lotus blossom collaborate to create Laxmi's charming visual appearance.

White Gym

White Gym is one of Iran's most modern and important sports facilities. The brand identity, like its name, is clean and minimalistic.

The Actor Series

The visual identity of "The Actor" is designed to showcase the enigmatic story that unfolds in each episode. The creative and episode posters serve as a vivid representation of the captivating story of "The Actor".

Mika Corporation

The enthusiastic members of MIKA are a young, professional group valuing and welcoming fresh, imaginative ideas for the future. Lines, surfaces, and cubes serve as the foundation of Mika's visual identity system. Creating a dynamic language that depicts the properties and buildings in a dignified and modern format.

Haj Hashem Food

Haj Hashem is an authentic Iranian restaurant based on the character of Haj Hashem, a visionary antique collector, and the events of his life. The visual identity is meant to be high-toned and delicate while conveying authenticity and heritage.


Hicoloni provides a user-friendly interface for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, as well as a secure wallet for storing them. The visual identity attempts to represent lively and friendly forms in a virtual galaxy made up of various elements, including the coins and the mechanisms of linking them.

Khatoon Series

"Once Upon a Time in Iran" (locally named "Khatoon" is a historical and romance blockbuster series produced by Ali Asadzadeh in 2021, directed by Tina Pakravan. The main idea for the visual identity was to recreate Iran during the Second World War.


Kanterra is an end-to-end Canadian real estate investment firm that strives to deliver the best results for its stakeholders. The focal point of the entire visual system is the negative/positive space of the shapes, which will eventually represent the structures and geometric shapes.


"Manelli," a prestigious furniture manufacturer founded in Iran in 2005, is renowned for its authentic classic and neoclassical designs that have set industry standards. A4 undertook the task of creating a comprehensive identity for the brand, focusing on a mono-tone color palette and wood-like patterns.

It‘s Still Autumn

Iconic in its elegance, and bursting with the sound of the kamancheh, It’s Still Autumn is a beautifully evocative album featuring the Iranian kamancheh player legend, Kayan Kalhor, and the three Dutch jazz musicians of the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio.


Piro is a comprehensive design oriented furniture manufacturer in Iran. Their main focus is creating a new lifestyle experience for humans and their homes. Piro’s CI consists of a set of linear illustrations and typographic features made into packaging and print products.

Caffeine Bar

Caffeine Bar is a young and healthy brand that provides natural nut bars in a variety of flavors. They cater to consumers who give a high priority to the ingredients in their diet and seek out brands that make healthy choices easy.

Frog Series

The Frog (2020) is one of the most successful and famous Iranian home video series holding a record of 40 million views. Written, edited, and directed by Houman Seyyedi and produced by Ali Asadzadeh in Iran and Thailand.


Piro, an Iranian furniture manufacturer, is on a mission to reimagine how we live and interact with our surroundings. Piro's comprehensive design approach aims to create a new lifestyle that is in sync with human needs and aspirations.

Alvand Securities

Alvand, a well-known Iranian brokerage company in the stock market and investing industry, decided to make a fresh start by rebranding their business. The overall feeling of the brand identity is modern and minimalistic, with a pivot on communicating Alvand's commitment to helping their clients achieve financial success through accessible and reliable investment solutions.


Castle is a malt-based drinks manufacturer that aspires to a contemporary and fresh taste to attract more customers from the younger generation, who appreciate innovative and diverse experiences.

Kayhan Kalhor’s Music Albums

Kayhan Kalhor is an internationally recognized musician who has been crucial in popularizing Persian music around the world through his various musical collaborations. This project includes the recreation of seven prior Kalhor albums.

Kitarich Cereal Bar

Kitarich specializes in natural nut bars in various flavors. They prioritize health and honesty, appealing to health-conscious consumers. A friendly logotype and hand-drawn ingredient illustrations add authenticity and appeal to the packaging design.


Pisheh is a pioneering service in Iran that empowers children and teens to discover their passions and talents, enabling them to make informed career and educational choices.