• Packaging
  • Kitabar is a healthy, honest, and lively brand that produces nut bars in different flavors made with only natural ingredients for those consumers who are taking interest…
  • Year: 2019


  • Brand IdentityPackaging
  • Dambar is a manufacturer of natural herbal teas in different flavors, fragrances and colors aimed to offer tea lovers an unforgettable and natural experience of diverse …
  • Year: 2018

Locanda Foods

  • Packaging
  • Locanda is an Iranian food brand that specializes in the production of different types of macaroni and noodle that needed to have a professionally designed creative visu…
  • Year: 2020

Haji Sohani

  • Packaging
  • Hajisohani is an old traditional Iranian sweet brand that aimed to go through a process of rebranding design with our help in order to reposition itself in the market.…
  • Year: 2020