We are a creative design house, gathered in a professional and friendly environment to design everything based on the clients' opportunities and needs. We're on a mission to create awesome designs.


We design forward in a way that makes sense for the moment. Our core focus is to create powerful visual communications within our clients’ ventures. we deliver strong visual messages via graphic design including visual identity, interactive design, print design and signage. Believing that design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and engagement, our job is to create these processes with our clients.

What we offer.
We offer a full creative service, from insights and strategy to distinct design concepts, for all industries, formats and channels.


We are dedicated to understanding our clients and their world. We listen, learn, and transform data into valuable insights and solutions.

We apply collaborative methodologies to deliver brand strategies and experiences across all touch-points.

We bring brands to life through thoughtful, beautifully crafted brand identities and experiences.
Examples of deliverables:


Trend analysis
Visual identity
Graphic design
Art direction
Photography and film
Environment and retail design
Product design
Packaging design
UX and UI design
Motion design
Sound design

A4 Design House


  • Mehdi Javadinasab

    Founder / Art Director
  • Hajar Sadeghi

    Account Manager
  • Atefeh Sadeghi

    International Relations
  • Amir Asgharzadeh

    Graphic Designer / Illustrator
  • Vida Valizadeh

    Graphic Designer / Illustrator
  • Nasrin Dashti

    Graphic Designer / Illustrator
  • Alireza Allahdadi

    Motion Graphics Designer
  • Navid Javadi Haftkhani

    Motion Graphics Designer
  • Kamyab Jafari

    Typeface Designer
  • Mohammad Zare

    Web Developer
  • Reza Abbasi

  • Sima Hosseini

    Office administrator
A4 Design House A4 Design House


  • Active

  • Alvand Securities

  • Arca

  • Asayel Fashion

  • Ayandeh Bank

  • Azhman Co.

  • Banoo Film

  • Bazaarnegar

  • Behi Group

  • Bong Radio

  • Cafe Bazaar

  • Cyrine

  • DFC Foods

  • Dafe Gallery

  • Dambar

  • Dambar Cafe

  • Doran ECE

  • Fajr Film Festival

  • Fajr Music Festival

  • Ferdos Club

  • Frog Series

  • Frog Series

  • Gallery info

  • Ganjeh

  • Gold Petrol

  • Golpouneh

  • Haftad Ins.

  • Haji Sohani

  • Hearty Greens

  • Iran National Post

  • JTI Onyx

  • Jedar Panel

  • Kepera Records

  • Kita Rich

  • KookiClub

  • Locanda Foods

  • Mamamia

  • Manelli

  • Masaha13

  • Moussa Sadr Inst.

  • NLAI

  • NP Capital

  • Namava

  • No.65 Yard

  • Orafa Jewelry

  • PHA

  • PHM Records

  • Paradigm Office

  • Pardis Records

  • Pars Baharan

  • Pars Eshen

  • Pasargad Bank

  • Payfa

  • Peony

  • Persian Standard

  • Petrotar

  • Qtea

  • Rabin Marine

  • Raha Records

  • Rahnama Jewelry

  • Raph Design

  • Rashed Exchange

  • Rassen

  • Rayzan I.C.C.

  • Regina

  • Safe Khodro

  • Safe Khodro

  • Shees Jewelry

  • Shetab TV

  • Shirin Gallery

  • Siminvest

  • Spar

  • Sunwest

  • Ticlix

  • Tochal Kabab


  • UR Bank

  • Vala Gold

  • Vata Water

  • Workmen Co.

  • Zarinpal

  • Zibaclub

  • Zittel

A4 Design House
A4 Design House A4 Design House